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MAGAZINE / Nov-Dec 2006 / Wake Up and Fight Parkinson's...

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Wake Up and Fight Parkinson's with Exercise

By Jackie Russell, RN
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Has exercise been proven beneficial for the individual with PD, or is it just a casual relationship?  How does an exercise agenda influence the symptoms of this disease?  Well, exercise has long been proven advantageous to everyoneís general health.  Aerobic activity (any movement that increases the heart rate) strengthens the heart, maintains lung function and keeps muscles strong.  But it appears that regular exercise may also impact the brain and nervous system.  An exciting study out of Pittsburgh has shown that forced exercise had a major impact on rats that were given a toxin that induced Parkinsonís disease.  This study demonstrated that exercise appears to prevent loss of brain cells that worsens this disease.  There are numerous other published studies supporting that daily exercise does indeed improve the ability to move in the individual with PD.  These findings overwhelming show that a program of exercise therapy combined with appropriate medication has a positive effect on symptoms.

When your ability to move improves, so does your feeling of accomplishment and sense of well being.  Scientific evidence shows that not only can motor function improve, but mood and a ďfeeling of well beingĒ is clearly related to routine activity.  This manual will get you started and walk you simply through every exercise.  No matter how long you have been diagnosed with Parkinsonís disease, itís not too late to start, and itís never too early. 

This manual includes detailed exercises that are divided into easy to follow sections including:

  • Wake Up Call
  • Walking and Balance Drills
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Workout with Weights
  • Non-Weight (Core) Days
  • Facial and Voice exercises
  • Night Time Stretching

Exciting news for those with Parkinsonís?  We think so.  Get started on a fitness plan and see the results for yourself. 

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