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Happy Care for the Caregiver Day


Question/Topic for February 2014

Caregiver's Day messages

Shared by: Nathan Walter
Topeka, Kansas

Everyday as a caregivers we should look at ourselves in the mirror and recite these three rules to remind us what we need to create true happiness;
I'm going to act as if everything depends upon me.
I'm going to pray as if everything depends upon God.
When I start to feel down, I'm going to sing a little song like "Jesus loves me."

Shared by: Velma Witkowski
Monroe Twp., NJ

I have been a CNA for a few years and a caregiver for about 10 years. I always love to talk about the Seniors and how they brighten a day. They have unfounded Wisdom that has not been tapped. And, we can always appreciate their candor and smiling faces. They love to be treated with respect and love and we must always remember to do that.

Have a great day, Caregiver Magazine. Nice to see that people still remember what is important. Share the Love today!

Shared by: CathySue

Tho my Mom has advanced dementia and Dad's recovering from a massive heart attack and triple bypass, everyday that I see them and they smile when they see me, it brings great joy to my life. I never want to think of them as a burden, I sometimes get really tired and want to get away. I know they depend on me and that's ok. I just want to give them what they gave me... the best! I Love Them So Much, this is difficult to watch, but I truly Thank God for them both, and I am enjoying the time we have left. A True Blessing from God!

Shared by: VL Wagner

Dealing with a Liver Disease husband and been caring for him since 1988 from OTJ injury. Cargiving has taken a toll on me too. But I will continue to care for him as we have been married 34 yrs and I cannot stop now. God Bless all the caregivers out there and help us to stay strong.....

Shared by: Grateful Wife

What a joy it is to bring a smile to someone special that you love. And, to receive a hug in return.

Shared by: Bobette Thompson
Pocatello, Idaho

My Caregiver's Day message is quite simple... Love who you are so you can love others

My caregiver journey for my husband who is end stages of liver failure & most recently bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis started 4 yrs. ago. We are on a uphill battle the entire time. He is the one who suffers daily. It is my positive mindset, the spirit of the lord & guardian angels who give me the strength & guidance that I need several times a day to do the right things & keep my priorities in check. It is hard to have a Valentines Day come & not receive that special moment from your loved one as in the years past. But I cherish everyday with him & shower him with my outstanding love & commitment. After all, its not about me, its about him. He is the one who is depending upon me to do all that I can to save his life.

Now, I have found a surgeon to implant a diaphragmatic pacemaker in his chest to shock his diaphragms into wo rking so that he can get off his bi-pap that he is dependent on, so that I can get him his liver transplant. Kind of a full order of business for us everyday. But as his wife & caregiver I keep positive & strong. I run 4 miles everyday & get a CNA in the home if he is too ill for me to leave his side. My health has to also be the priority so that I can live a long healthy happy life. Keep a healthy diet always, drink plenty of water. Be the best person you can be from your heart. On thing I need to learn to do is stop being so hard on myself.

I have decided to put my husband in respite care for 5 days while I take an extended leave to visit my sister in Seattle. I need to renew my energy & patience. I am here 24-7 & it is time that I take a well needed & deserved rest. I have built all the fires that have gotten us the appointments with the surgeons, the evaluations for a liver transplant, world renowned pulmonologist appointments & for some reaso n which must be who I am made out of, never take no for an answer. Always researching for someone to help save my husband. Never giving up. And one door opens two, that opens more and everything is meant to happen for a reason. We are meant to meet all these certain people & travel down the road of the journey we are on.

I have earned my wings & more I was just told recently. Once you realize this is your path in life, & you make that commitment to be a caregiver (what a huge commitment this has been) you can except what is happening with a better understanding. Stay strong, positive ask for strength & guidance & fill your heart with love & laughter. Bless you all & Thank You for reading my story.

Shared by: Anita
Fort Worth, TX

Happy Valentine's Day
It's a great treat for me to take care of the little lady I have. She is a delight she may not have all of her mind but she still has a joking way that will make you smile. Today I fixed her for breakfast comfort foods fresh berries, oatmeal, her 1 sausage she loves to have, fresh squeezed orange juice...she looked at me and said, You are to sweet and spoil me..that was my highlight of the day. It's the little things that make me feel like I make a difference cause I care, and I feel like God gave me patience love, hope to do my job so much at ease. I'm blessed in so many ways. Thanks for listening, really love this site.


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