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Winning Advice for the New Year



Now, as this past year is put on the shelf, we turn our hopeful gaze towards 2012.

Will there be medical breakthroughs for our loved one’s ills?
Will we still fight with them over taking their pills?

Will any of our leaders in nation and state look up from campaigning and yell out, “Wait!”?
“Rather than scrabble and fight in turmoil, promising our competitors to simmer and boil,
Rather than pontificate and posture and pose,
Rather than doing baby kissing and all the Sunday shows,
Maybe the answer to our healthcare woes
Was all this time right under our nose.
Maybe the solution is simple as sin, and something that can be agreed upon in manner bi-partisan.”

Why not support those who care with more than more puffery and hot air?

My suggestion is simple and more than a little true, and I guarantee that it will pay off for your community and for you.

Offer caregivers the support they need, and give the agencies that care for them funds for which they desperately plead.

You will find this to be a politically sound investment, upon this simple and logical assessment:
65 million voting caregivers can make the polls show a positive bent in your bid to become governor, senator or even president. 


Gary Barg

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