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What We Need From the Pros

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Maureen recently had blood work done and the report revealed sugar levels that rival any candy store. It was only when her doctor said the words, “I think you may be diabetic,” that she realized she must change her eating habits—and fast. To her credit, she ceremoniously dumped three gallons of ice cream, that just so happened to be in her freezer, down her apartment building’s garbage chute. Now the green you will find in her refrigerator is more likely to be salad than pistachio ice cream and she has consulted a registered dietician.

Like Teresa and Maureen, every one of our best professional caregivers is kind, talented and caring to a fault. But they are also human. As much as we need them to care for us and our loved ones, we (as well as their friends and loved ones) need them to remember to care for themselves.



Gary Barg

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