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What We Need From the Pros

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I heard today from my good friend Teresa, who is one of the most caring health professionals I have ever met. Teresa is an RN and truly beloved by her clients and co-workers alike. Over the past few months, she had been complaining of periodic chest pains; but, of course, didnít want to give up a single day of helping her patients to care for herself. It was only when cornered by her co-workers, who said they would bar her from the care facility if she didnít, that she got checked by her doctor. The cardiologist informed her that she had gotten to him just in time. Everything is fine now and Teresa will be back at work soon, but with a much better idea of how she needs to learn to care for herself as well as she cares for her patients.

Maureen is a personal and professional caregiver who manages a senior center. As soon as she is off work, she immediately goes home and cares for two elder relatives. Since she knows so much about caregiving and cares so much about all the people around her, she has also become a constant advisor to friends, neighbors and family members as they face their own caregiving. Some of the best advice she offers is to let the caregivers she talks with know that they must take care of themselves with rest, support and proper nutrition. Itís too bad that Maureen does not heed her own advice. The way she has been dealing with her stress over these past few years starts with a nightly quart of ice cream (or two).


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