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 Vegas, Baby

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Last year, I started the year off by floating around the Caribbean with 40 or so of my favorite people – family caregivers. We were on a cruise hosted by the good folks at Caregiver Cruises (in fact, I think they are once again on the high seas as I write this). I jumped off the ship as it docked in Mexico, two days before returning to Miami, so I could fly to Las Vegas and speak at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on partnering with family caregivers, a favorite subject of mine.

Last week marked my third trip to the CES, the first being seventeen years earlier when we first launched Today’s Caregiver magazine and The difference these intervening years made was truly night and day. Not only was there little emphasis placed on technology for seniors and caregivers back in 1995, but most of those companies that had started to focus on the issue are long gone. This year, it was great to see so many companies striving to support caregivers as we endeavor to keep our loved ones living safely at home.


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