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'Tis the Season Yet Again

Donna, Isabel, Betsy, Inez, David, Andrew, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina, Wilma. This is not an invitation list for a family reunion, just a list of the hurricanes that I have been lucky(?) enough to live through. Since I was born, I have never missed being there when a hurricane hit my neck of the woods in Southeast Florida. When I graduated from college upstate, I drove back home through the onset of Hurricane David. Years later (actually 20 years ago this week), when Hurricane Andrew hit, I was home visiting my mother, even though I had lived away from Florida for the previous eight years. (The Chamber of Commerce finally asked if I wouldn’t mind never coming back!) And after I came back to South Florida to start Today’s Caregiver magazine, I actually moved into my new home in Fort Lauderdale in the eye of a hurricane (don’t ask).

With any luck, Isaac will not be a name added to the list of names above. It is my fervent prayer that no one in any country or state loses life, limb or even power due to Hurricane Isaac. But, as with caregiving and the Boy Scouts, the motto to “Be Prepared” works very well for those living in the path of a possible oncoming.

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Hopefully, the only excessive winds we encounter in Florida next week will be from speeches given by politicians at the first of the two upcoming major political conventions to be held this fall.

Gary Barg

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