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Holmes for the Holiday

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If your loved one lives in a rural area:

  • Isolation
    Although a psychological challenge for many urban caregivers, isolation is also a physical challenge for many rural caregivers since they possibly live far from others.
    Check to see if they are becoming too isolated; how often do they see friends, go to church, go to doctor visits, etc.
    Are there any transportation services available to them?

  • Home Modification
    Homes that were perfect for raising children now can become hazardous for seniors to get around.
    Find out about local services for home modification to ensure that their home can become as safe as possible.
    Be sure your loved one understands that your goal is the same as theirs—to make the home as safe as can be, so they can live there as long as possible.

  • Safety
    The work it takes to maintain a farm can become too dangerous for seniors. 
    Spend time with your senior loved one as they do their chores, to assess for difficulties and dangers.

  • Before you visit: 
    Discover what local service organizations serve your loved one’s community and reach out to these organizations yourself.

It may be the holidays, but your caregiving detective work has just begun.    


Gary Barg

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