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A Tale of Two (Conference) Cities

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It was somewhat challenging to be on the panel and take notes on all the great advice the other panelists were presenting. (Especially, since I didn’t bring a note pad and had to use the back of the business cards that were in my coat pocket.)  At both events, we discussed the Reverse Gift List, a vitally important element in the Fearless Caregiver Toolkit. But one of the short notes I made to myself about something that was said by a fellow panelist at yesterday’s event truly applies to Ann’s comment above.  (If I can read my scribbling.) Lisa Manfra, an RN, who sat next to me, said, “Sometimes you want an experienced and impartial observer in the house so they can see things as they really are.” That is so very true.

Caregiving can be akin to the theme of a movie by the great filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa. Many people can experience the very same thing and come out with totally different stories of what happened. To pound a well-worn cliché  into the ground, “Sometimes we are just too close to a situation” when it involves the care of a loved one. 

Whenever possible, we need to build our informal crew of supporters; but it is also important to have a professional conduct a thorough and impartial analysis of your caregiving situation.

And (applying another one of my very favorite clichés ) “Try it; you’ll like it.”


Gary Barg


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