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In case you donít recognize the newsletter you are now reading and are tempted to close the link or, worse yet, unsubscribe, look closer. Itís still the same Caregiver Newsletter that you have come to (hopefully) love and look forward to since the very first issue reached your in-box in 2000.

We have been doing a little bit of sprucing up here that we hope you will like. The new name will better incorporate all of the aspects of our work. Todayís Caregiver , after all, is the title of our 18-year-old print magazine dedicated to caregivers. This is also designed to read better (larger font, pictures, brighter colors, etc.) and even have a better flow of content. And, it is easier to share with friends, loved ones and colleagues (hint-hint).

So, as this email hits your in-box, please donít worry if you donít recognize the name or artwork. Itís still lilí oleí us Ė with information, advice, interaction and commentary dedicated to supporting family and professional caregivers. We just had a much overdue facelift.

Now, for that digital tummy tuck.


Gary Barg

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