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The Sounds of Silence

Last week I returned from a place that knows me as royalty. I am after all, a Duke of Paducah, a title bestowed upon me by the Mayor of Paducah, Kentucky through an official proclamation (which now hangs on my office wall). Truth be known, I was hoping for an advanced title upon my return to my duchy, but I found that there is actually no such thing as “King of Kentucky”. Oh, well. I was back to speak at the third annual caregivers conference hosted by the Purchase Area Development District.  It was a terrific event and as usual, I learned so very much from the caregivers in attendance.

For instance, when we got around to talking about the Reverse Gift List concept, I asked the attendees for a list of the things that they would like to ask friends and family members to do to help them as they care for their loved ones. A caregiver stood up and said that it would be nice to have someone come by just to listen.  She completed her comments by saying “I m not asking for them to try and fix everything, or placate me or console me or even to respond to my comments, I just want someone to simply listen to me.” And with that said, her fellow caregivers burst into applause.  I think that her request strikes at the heart at one of the reasons why we don’t always get the support we need from our friends and family members; they don’t know what to say or how to respond to our pain and fears, when sometimes their very presence is all the response we need.


Gary Barg