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Skool Daze

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Excuse me. Just where did summer go? Now that the bell atop the little red schoolhouse has once again rung, we are all seated at our desks, having sharpened our number two pencils and opened our crisp new composition books. The fall season starts afresh.

For me, starting next week, I take to the (hopefully) friendly skies again to do one of the things I love the most—spending time with family caregivers at events across the nation. First up, Lifescape Senior Expo in Rockford, Illinois, on September 12th. (Psst…an aside to all 70’s TV nerds out there, I won’t be driving a 1974 gold Pontiac Firebird Esprit to the event, but I will be bringing my files. Get it? — Files)

The schedule includes stops in Birmingham for our first annual Fearless Caregiver Conference there (on Halloween, no less) and Fort Lauderdale, the birthplace of these events, where the first one was held in 1998 with Robert Urich. (Boy, the TV references are rolling in now.)

I have to admit that, as much as spending time with caregivers across the nation, I am looking forward to all of the wisdom I will find when talking with family caregivers at the events. The true secret of Fearless Caregiving is that support can be found wherever you and at least one other family caregiver meet.

You need to find wisdom where you can—certainly from your loved one’s healthcare providers, but also from one another. Every trip to the emergency room, to the pharmacy or even a visit to the hair salon is an opportunity to share and receive those pieces of the caregiving puzzle that only your fellow caregivers possess.

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