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Remembrances and Renewal

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Although it is born of family tragedies, I am pleased to see that distracted driving is starting to be discussed in the media and in state legislatures. Keep up the pressure on your representatives. If there is a bill being considered in your state house to help deal with distracted driving, pick up the phone or a pen and lend your support. The life you save may be your loved oneís. And now the government has created a website dedicated to distracted driving. No matter how very busy you are (and I do know that we are all busy), donít talk or text on your cell phone while driving. Trust me. No call or text is that important to be worth the pain you may cause.

Last week, Saraís nephew Charlie, who she never had the blessing to meet, turned one year old. I am so sorry for Charlie that he will never know his aunt other than through the stories and memories of her family and friends. Please, let your friends and family members know that no text is worth the grief that distracted driving causes.

Take it from Charlie.

Gary Barg

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