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FROM THE EDITOR'S PEN  / Readin’, Ritin’ and ‘Rithmatic

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Readin’, Ritin’ and ‘Rithmatic

There were so many lessons that I learned from the family caregivers in attendance at last week’s Boca Raton Fearless Caregiver Conference that I don’t even know where to start.

To be sure, we had a tremendous panel of experts as well as speakers on topics important to family caregivers, such as hearing health and mobility.  Yet, as usual, there was as much to learn from the audience as there was from the experts and the experts would be the first ones to tell you.

One of the very first questions (similar to this week’s blast communique) during the morning Expert Question and Answer Panel was about successfully partnering with in-home care staff.  An audience member asked about how to work with their loved one’s care aide when it came to money.  She liked and trusted the aide, but lived in a different city and did not want to provide her mother’s checkbook to pay for the goods needed for her mother’s care. 

One of the best answers (and one that even got the panelists taking notes) was from a caregiver sitting nearby.  The caregiver said that she had the same concerns and solved the issue by providing money gift cards for each of the pre-determined items her mother needed. This way, the funds were readily available and accounted for, giving the aide some leeway for other purchases needed without offering access to the general checkbook. 

And with that, school was in session.

Gary Barg

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