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My friend Larry came by the house two weekends ago. It was great to see him. He had a stroke a few years ago which curtailed his motorcycling, boating and fishing. But Larry has made great strides through terrific doctors and strict adherence to his physical therapy schedule. The effects of his stroke have become dramatically reduced to the point where we were talking about what kind of car he wanted to buy.

Larry’s wife has been by his side the entire time of his recovery – and has taken over everything from running his business to the household finances. Although Larry had always handled the business and home finances, he told me how proud he was of his wife for her work. In fact, in many ways, she is managing things better than he had done in the past. The issue they are having now is how much of his active schedule can Larry take on again and at what pace. Like for so many couples, this transfer of and possible return to duties once a spouse recovers from an injury or disease can be quite challenging. And with the exception of some disagreement about the timing of Larry’s slipping behind the wheel again, things have gone very well for them due to an open and active dialogue.

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