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The Question of Respect

Dear Gary, 
First of all, I would like to extend my greeting to you. I would like to introduce myself. I am a beautiful and excellent caregiver inside and out. And I have a question. Why is it okay for the elderly to abuse us caregivers, such as verbally abuse or make false accusations? Can you explain this to me, please? And as a caregiver, what are our rights? It seems to me that our Government listens more to the elderly than to us caregivers.
Thank you,

I believe that any good in-home caregiving situation is, at its core, a partnership between the professional caregiver, family member(s) and the loved one. If, after discussing the situation with the family and, if possible, the client, you cannot get the respect and consideration you deserve, you should take steps. First of all, document, document, document. And if you are working through an agency, contact them immediately. Calmly discuss your concerns with management. If anyone seeks to harm you in the care situation, call the police immediately. Your safety, as well as the safety of your client, are both of great concern.

As the family caregivers have a manifesto by which to live and have needs to be met by their healthcare providers, I also believe that the in-home professionals deserve to have a set of expectations met by the client and their family members.

The best outcomes come from team efforts, with equal respect being afforded to all members of the team: family, client and in-home caregivers.

Your advice to Candy


Gary Barg

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