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No Laughing Matter

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Believe it or not, the condition was first noted by Charles Darwin (yes, that Charles Darwin) 130 years ago, but it is often overlooked or misunderstood by medical professionals and caregivers.

Meet Richard Anderson

During their family vacation on August 4, 2004, Richard was struck by a motor vehicle as he was walking across the street to their hotel. Suffering severe brain trauma, in addition to a multitude of other injuries, he spent two weeks in a coma and two months, collectively, in a hospital or rehabilitation facility. He began experiencing crying episodes upon his return from the hospital and was later diagnosed with PBA. Now, seven years after Richardís accident, Angelica, 20, and Maria, 25, still struggle with their fatherís condition; but they remain a tight-knit family, holding on to whatever normalcy they can grab. Upon his PBA diagnosis, Anderson started treatment and has worked closely with family members to develop a plan for managing his symptoms.

If your loved one is exhibiting any or all of the symptoms listed above, ask their doctor about the possibility of a PBA diagnosis.  For families with loved ones who are living with PBA, it is certainly no laughing matter.



Gary Barg

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