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No Debate About It

If you talk with your loved one with other family members in the room, rehearse what is to be said. It is much better when everyone is on the same page.

Remember to put yourself in your loved one’s shoes when the time comes to take away the keys. His or her driver’s license was a key to independence they received in their youth. We must recognize their fear that taking away this key feels like the beginning of the end to them. How would you feel?

Many times, people know when they can longer drive; they are just looking for a way to keep their dignity when they give up their license.

If you are thinking it is time to finally have that talk with your loved one, do it as soon as possible. You probably should have had it six months ago.

Remember, it could be worse. One caregiver told us she was relieved that her 92-year-old father just had his license revoked by the state – his pilot's license.

Taking Away the Keys Video

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