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No Debate About It

The 118th Fearless Caregiver Conference was held yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, where the very first event was held in 1997 with actor Robert Urich as keynote speaker.  There were conversations about many topics, including one of the most debated issues (see, how timely I can be, since last night was the Presidential debates) when it comes to our loved one's independence Ė driving. In fact, as usual, I always try and save the driving questions for the last 25 minutes of the morning Q&A session because once that Pandoraís Box is opened, no other topic gets any airtime.

Regardless of the final outcome of the presidential debates for the 2012 election season, there is most likely a raging debate going on at your house if you think it is time for your loved ones to hang up the keys and they do not also think so.

We have heard some really ingenious methods that caregivers employ when faced with the driving issue at the Fearless Caregiver Conferences over these past 15 years; among them:

Donít make your decision solely on age-based concerns. A driverís age is not reason enough to revoke their license.

Find out what the laws in your state allow in these instances; sometimes you can make an anonymous call and the driverís bureau will call your loved one in for retesting.

Enlist your loved oneís doctor or the local police department. This news is always better coming from the professionals.

Give them a set of non-working car keys and always offer to drive.

Once agreement is made about driving, put a large note in the windshield reminding your loved one that they agreed not to drive.

Sell their car; although people in more than one city have reported that their loved one simply bought a new one.


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