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I spent time this past weekend perusing the work of some of the best authors it has been my privilege to have ever read.  No, I am not talking about Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare or even Stephen King (although they are all quite good in their own right). I am talking about the caregivers who have shared their advice and wisdom with us over the years. It only reinforces what I always say at the Fearless Caregiver Conferences: If you want to meet some real caregiving experts, turn to the family caregivers at the next table and introduce yourself to them.

Name: Rosemary
Location: Mesick, MI
When an elderly person likes to read the daily newspaper, tear or cut where it is folded in the middle. This makes it so much easier to read the paper without holding your arms up in the air for so long. Another tip would be to make a snack plate and leave it in the refrigerator, ready for them to take what they want. It keeps them feeling independent. Fill a divided plate with fruits, veggies, cheese slices, turkey and chicken slices, fruit dip or chunkie cuts. Make sure that the cover is very easy to remove and replace. I usually leave crackers on the counter ready to use in a little bag, with the top just folded over.

Name: Carolyn Walker
Memphis, TN
I am a caregiver to my husband. He has memory loss due to a stroke in 2007. Whenever I feed him, he has a habit of saying, "Man, I haven't ate all day." After each meal, I would always clean up his area. Now, to help him to know that he has eaten, I leave evidence such as a bowl or a plate with the residue of what he ate sitting nearby, just to remind him that he did eat.


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