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Malinformation Deflation: Hospice Care

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One of the things I love the most about the Fearless Caregiver Conferences is we can help overcome malinformation regarding vitally important concepts about which caregivers must know.  

Malinformation occurs when what you think you know about a subject is not only wrong, but also greatly distorted in a negative way.  And hospice care is unfortunately high on the list of concepts that suffer from the effects of malinformation.

I really enjoy the insight that is shared when we have a hospice professional on the morning Q and A panel of experts at a conference. Not so surprisingly to me, this wisdom about hospice care can often come as much from the attendees as the expert panelist.

A few years ago, a gentleman stood up at an event and told the group how he felt that thinking about suggesting hospice is the equivalent of giving up on his loved one. Before the hospice expert on the panel could speak, hands shot up across the room from caregivers who wanted to tell their story of how hospice helped them and their family as they were caring for their loved ones through some incredibly challenging times.


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