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Loving Investigations

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Gracie had become concerned on her last trip home when she noticed expired food in the refrigerator and the house in an uncommon state of disorder.  She had been advised by her parentsí long-time neighbors that they try to keep a respectful watch on her parents and they had grown concerned as well.  Gracie thanked the neighbors and went a step further by paying them a small stipend to make sure that they would stop by when they were going to the store and offer to pick up items for Gracieís parents, and generally keep a watchful eye on them. The neighbors at first resisted the payment option, but Gracie insisted because she wanted to make sure that even if her parents refused any professional help, that there was an understanding of the importance of the role these neighbors played as Gracieís eyes and ears.

To date, the parents are none the wiser and the neighbors are able to give Gracie a report about how her parents are doing when she comes home for the holidays.  As a side benefit, her parents are actually enjoying the additional attention paid to them by their neighborhood watch team.

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