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Letís Do the Time Shift Again

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At yesterdayís special Halloween Fearless Caregiver Conference held in Port Saint Lucie (our 120th event), the only scary thing was how much wisdom and advice was shared by the family caregivers in attendance. And thatís a good scary. In particular, we spoke a lot about one of the most important things you need to have in your caregiver toolkit: how to navigate the holiday season as a family caregiver.  This is a topic near and dear to my heart and about which Iíve been talking to caregivers for many years in the fall season.  The truth is, each time I learn even more from the caregivers in the room. For instance, at yesterdayís event, we spoke of creating new traditions after a loved one takes ill or even after they pass.  

Maybe Dad used to put up all those magnificent decorations, but how about enlisting friends and family members to do so? Make a party out of it.  Or Mom (the primary caregiver) always had the family holiday dinner at her house and would not think of altering those plans.  Okay, you can keep the intent of her wishes intact, but how about potluck this year with everyone bringing their favorite dishes? And donít forget to solicit help to set up before and clean up after the event.

If travel is too great a challenge this year, how about time shifting?  One gentleman caregiver spoke of how he was able to create last yearís holiday event for his wife later in the year, and was able to get her two sisters to fly in for the celebration.  In fact, one attendee spoke of having multiple birthday dinners for her mother who just turned 95 years old.  It was fun for her mom, who asked each time, ďWhose birthday are we celebrating?Ē



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