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Kenny’s Path

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Larry said that being in touch with people also living with strokes was what got him through those early tough days. He still goes to his support group.  He then turned to Kenny’s mom and told her that stroke affects every member of the family and Larry’s wife has been going to a caregiving support group since his stroke. She finds it to be extremely helpful.

He told Kenny that he will help him find an appropriate support group and that he looks forward to continuing their conversation when they meet at the dog park next week. Kenny’s mood lifted after learning that Larry has regained much of his mobility since the stroke and about his determination to start driving again. (The driving part of the conversation was a little less exciting to Kenny’s mom.)

Larry told him that he, like Kenny, had struggled terribly during the first stages in his stroke recovery; but that over time, he steadily improved. This seemed to cheer Kenny up greatly. Looking at Larry, he realized that there is a path to recovery on which he has only taken the very first steps.

Larry felt good that he was able to help and told me that he understands the isolation Kenny felt when stepping into a room with support group members who were not his age. I think I forgot to tell you that Larry is 42.

Larry was feeling so good that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that to Kenny, 42 is old, too.

Gary Barg

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