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Iterations and Variations

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Imagine if we all took pen to paper (or keyboard to computer) and stated our needs to those in power.  Action like that takes an understanding of our role in society as family caregivers or, as we like to say, being the CEO of Caring for My Loved One, Inc. Helping caregivers appreciate their importance and authority was the motivation behind the creation of the Fearless Caregiver Manifesto. It is essential that we be accepted as equal members of our loved one’s care team and we deserve all the respect the system has to offer.

Around that time, we also found and publicized a tremendous Caregiver Bill of Rights that was written by Jo Horne. Many times over these last two decades people have taken pen to paper to create what they think is a truly original idea, a Caregiver Bill of Rights, maybe not realizing that one had already been created and makes the case extremely well.

It has been our pleasure and, I feel, our duty to continue to bring you so many of these vitally important caregiving voices such as Jo Horne’s, especially as she was so prescient so many years ago.


Gary Barg

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