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FROM THE EDITOR'S PEN / Happy 2014 / Editorial List

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Happy 2014

For the first newsletter of the year, I could think of no better message than the one that was shared by a friend who I bumped into late last year (more specifically, two days ago).  I was walking my dog Morris, when his ears perked up and he became excited with tail a-waggin’.  I looked up to see Larry, a favorite of Morris’ since he seems to know in just what spot behind the ear to scratch.  I always get so much wisdom (not to mention articles) out of our interactions, so my ears perked up, as well.

In fact, I wrote about Larry (twice) last year to discuss his challenges faced as someone recovering from a stroke. The first article involved the dynamic tensions that happen with many couples when one had been caregiving for a while and the care recipient gradually becomes able to take on their responsibilities once again. The next article was an extension of the first (taking to the wheel again) and also discussed the selfless act of “Paying it Forward.”

Once again, Larry did not disappoint. In response to my rather pedantic question, “How are you?” he responded by saying that every day is an inspiration.  When I asked him to elaborate, he said, “Well, every single day, first I face a challenge. Then I celebrate an accomplishment as I overcome the challenge. And then, I feel proud of myself.

I think there is no better way for any family caregiver to start this new year out than with Larry’s response.

Geez, I really ought to see him more often… 

Gary Barg

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