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Fearlessly Forward

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I was on Facebook around 3:00 on Monday afternoon (don’t tell my boss) and saw a post from a friend about being at the Boston Marathon. Within moments—as did everyone, I got the news of the horrific act perpetrated at the marathon’s finish line. Thankfully, I heard very quickly from my friend that she was out of harm’s way. I remained glued to my television set all night. Angry, shocked and saddened, I was trying to put any of this senselessness into perspective. It took only a moment to remember how we felt after the attacks on the twin towers in 2001 and how much these feelings still apply. This event in Boston was not about the useless creatures who planted these devices, no matter what they think. It is not at all about them as they cowardly set their bombs and scurried away. Not for one single moment.

In fact, this event only serves to remind us about who we are as people—about those professional first responders, as well as the civilians who were in the area, racing in to help. They pitched in without concern for their own well-being or if another blast was forthcoming. They did what every caregiver does every single day—they rushed toward the people in need of help—and they took care of them.

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