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Fearless Winners, All

Last week, I found myself in rooms filled with family and Fearless Caregivers in such varied locales as Birmingham, Alabama and Toledo, Ohio. We are so very excited about the response we received at the first annual Birmingham Fearless Caregiver Conference that was held on Halloween. To spend the day with so many caregivers was a gift in itself, so receiving a proclamation from the mayor of Homewood stating that the day of the event was henceforward to be called Fearless Caregiver Day in Homewood was just icing on the cake.

A caregiver came up to me and mentioned that she had entered the Fearless Caregiver Story Contest on and was keeping her fingers crossed about winning one of the top ten positions. Today’s Caregiver magazine launched the Fearless Caregiver Story Contest last month and there are a few more weeks to enter your favorite Fearless Caregiving story. I must say that voting will be a daunting task since the entries are all so darned good. Where else can you find such sentences as these?

  • I am the only one who knows what my family’s fears, medical history, finances and physical needs are. Making myself aware of resources, illness terminology, and natural progressions of disease is my greatest weapon.
  • That is why I urge all caregivers to be vigilant about the care our loved ones receive. We are their eyes, their voices, their ears and their advocates like no other.
  • To all dedicated caregivers, make time to discuss important decisions with family members and if something does not feel right, speak up. Your patient has complete trust in you. You are his guardian angel.
  • After a restless, sleepless night, I began to collect my thoughts and decided a battle was about to begin. My husband was not being treated fairly and he was unable to pursue this problem.

Add your voice and your wisdom to the contest. Judging ends on December 20th. You can win cash and prizes if your entry is one of the top ten vote getters; but as far as I am concerned, all the caregivers who read the entries are winners in their own right.

Gary Barg

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