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 A Family Caregiver’s Elevator Speech
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“I am Elizabeth Chomsky’s daughter. She is a person living with dementia, but loved to paint, ice skate and still can have a wicked sense of humor. I want to be informed of any change in her condition, medications or situation since I am her primary caregiver, loving daughter and fearless caregiver.” (Or something like that.)

You can even give them a card with all of your contact information, so they should always be able to reach you when necessary. I guess it does make sense to have the same tools at our disposal as a company’s CEO, since we are truly the CEO of the most important organization we will ever command – Our Loved One’s Care.

One of the other memorable things that happened last week was at the Boomer Summit when a young man walked into the press room and said to me, “I just hope I can be as motivated and enthusiastic about what I am doing as you are at 56.” First, I think he was just astounded to see that I was seemingly cognizant and continent at my advanced age and second, just how did he know my age? Darned Internet tubes have way too much information.

P.S. I was holding onto a chair as we spoke, just to conceal the fact that I actually threw my aging back out that very morning.

By the way, as an anniversary gift, a divan would be divine. It would be great for those afternoon naps.

Gary Barg

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