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This is an article I have been long anticipating and dreading to write.  It is the obituary of someone who was extremely dear to me and who had been a partner in all of my endeavors since 1987. Actually, he and his sister were with me as we moved together across the southeast over the past two decades, they offered me comfort, advice, support, humor, unconditional love and wisdom every step of the way.  Dorian, his sister passed away in 1999, and maybe her death drew us closer over these past six years.  In the office, where he spent much of his last years, he always knew how to communicate with each of his fellow staff members; who needed his special brand of individualized attention, when to administer it and when to just sit and listen.

Last year, at the age of 97, he came home to live with me and truly made our house a home.  After long road trips, I looked forward to sitting and commiserating with him late into the night. Since his passing last week, I can still see him sitting on the couch, walking down the hallway, or eating in the kitchen.  

After all of these years, it shouldn’t surprise me how much of my world he inhabited, but it does.  It is still a shock to come home and not see him in the living room. He made me a believer in the power of such companionship, for caregivers and loved ones alike, and I will be forever grateful for all of the many thousands of moments I spent with him and his sister and for the love we have shared.

 Rest in Peace, my friend

18 years of age in human years
97 years of age in cat years.


Gary Barg

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