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EDITORIAL RESPONSES  /Summertime Editorial List

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Summertime Editorial Responses

These are just some of the many responses we received from our Editorial of 06/14/06 - Summertime


For couples caring for kids with disabilities, locate an area hotel with good disability access.  Make plans with another couple who are also caring for kids with challenges.  Plan a 2 night stay at the hotel.  One day you take care of all the kids...there's usually a lot to do, pool, game room, in-room movies, just stay on the property and you don't have to deal with the difficult issues of transportation.  It's all fun for the giant sleep over.  The next day the second couple gets the entire day and night of respite.  Everyone has a goodtime and gets a chance for rest.  Some hotels provide respite rates for families, be sure to inquire.  Many of the casino hotels provide free rooms for respite, but it's necessary to place a request well in advance of wanting the room.



I am a caregiver to my wife who has a Pituitary Brain Tumor. She has gone through a regular brain surgery in January 2004 and a Gamma knife surgery February 2006. She is still recovering the trauma of both surgeries. On her good day mostly on the weekend I steal a little time away for myself doing some Scrollsawing and wood crafting. I enjoy making very detailed wood craft for a few minutes it takes my mind away from other things for a little while. Plus there is pride in see yourself creating something that you can admire. Actually many men and women find Scollsawing very enjoyable I would highly recommend it as a stress reliever. 


1.  Go in the backyard or where ever is quiet and listen to some soothing music.

2.  Fantasize about being in the beautiful virgin islands.

 3.  Go for a massage.


The biggest gift someone gave me following the death of my husband, was a week at their beach house in Galveston.  Two of my college roommates met me and we spent a week relaxing on the beach.  It was fun reminiscing and watching the Gulf of Mexico as it helped heal my tired heart.  They allowed us the use of their home without expense.  I was able to use my money on other things.  One of the kindest things done for me, was that my sister-in-law flew to Houston from Ohio and spent time at the hospital so that I could go back to work while my husband was so ill.  I felt relief that a family member was on hand to help care for him and knew that Ruth's presence was special to David.  I could then spend the night, but knew that days were also covered by family.  


I've signed up for a Yoga class every Tuesday evening. My cousin-in-law takes my husband to dinner so I can go and not worry. I return home relaxed, refreshed and oddly hopeful.




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