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These are just some of the many responses we received from several Editorials ending with Managing Meds -

Memorial Wishes

My husband and I went ahead with after-death plans and, in the process, received a book on ideas to consider beforehand.  We decided there was a good form to fill out, so we took copies over to my parents and asked them the same questions we were answering ourselves.  We got four sets of information which were extremely helpful; especially when Dad died and we had to remember details for his obituary.

 Grieving family members need all the help they can get.


My husband had a massive stroke in 1992 and came to realize that he was not going to ever be fully recovered.  He needed something to do with his time that was within his limitations, so he started to write stories from his childhood.  We planned to have it printed and give a copy to each of our children and grandchildren for Christmas that year.  He was encouraged by so many people to have it published instead. It was accepted by Publish America and soon the books were in our hands.  Since then, he has written two more books and is working on his fourth right now.  He types on the computer by using his one good hand to hit the keys with the eraser side of a pencil.  It works for him, and our daughter and I help to edit what he writes.  Now the family has his autobiography and so much more as memories that will go on forever.

Lots of love,

You are so right about those two dates. My dad passed away one year ago on 9/21 and we buried him on his birthday, 9/24. As you can imagine, my mom is drained, void of all feelings and wondering how she will go on. I, as the caregiver am drained of losing my best friend, my dad, and now being a caregiver to my mom. I am so angry that my dad is gone and I feel so sad for my mom. We have a rabbi coming to the house on Friday to celebrate his day, bless the house, and just get us through this.  No teachers for this one

Thanks for all your advice.

Dad’s Stories

Congratulations on remembering your dad so well.  I have a similar story of my dad's passing.  My nieces and nephews were young, but they remember Grampa and what a funny, story-telling, loving man he was.  I have often toyed with the idea of writing a book about the caregiving and life of my dad.  He had Parkinson's disease.  We were able to keep him active and mostly healthy for over 20 years…a feat in and of itself.  The struggle was to keep him home and we did right until the last breath.   The hospice staff told me I gave him a gift by keeping him home and so well.  I wasn't sure if it was at the time.  I couldn't see through the loss and grief.  Today, I think maybe I can start believing it.  Now, my husband and I are caregivers for my 83-year-old mother who has COPD and some dementia issues.  It is a struggle of a different kind with her, because she refuses to acknowledge the disease.  But we carry on trying our best to keep her going as we did for Dad!
Thank you for the wonderful newsletter.  It is inspiring and on the "down" days brings a reminder that I can carry on.


Thanks for always presenting very human, unpolished stories from the human heart.  And the insight and courage to discuss what we need to discuss, even when we don't want to.

In Kindness,
Bill S.

A great story and tribute to your Dad.  My dad has been gone since 2000…but we go on!


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