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Multiple Editorial Responses
These are just some of the many responses we received from several Editorials ending with Managing Meds -

Medication Management

I want to thank you for CAREGIVER coming to my computer and how it is becoming more important. When I married my husband, we planned to travel: "Have dough, will go."  He was diagnosed with PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy) last week and we are reeling under the news.  But I had been reading your newsletter...You have given us so much information that I can face setting this next chapter up in our home.

I told him when I met him that I was not a caregiver, perhaps he should have married a nurse, but that I would provide the best possible care for him.  I just read your information on medications.  Recently, I took over that job because I know how important it is for him to have the right doses at the right time.

I forwarded CAREGIVER newsletter  to the care team working with us.  We were lucky enough for my husband to sign up for long-term care insurance and Genworth is allowing us to feel like we have some control in managing this situation. It is a horrible diagnosis...a dreadful disease.  And so is every one of the debilitating killers all of us deal with.  But we are going to do this with as much style, humor and love as possible.  “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your very personal letters at the beginning of each newsletter and I will be following you.  Somehow this diagnosis has clarified what we are dealing with and we are no longer embarrassed by wheelchairs and walkers, stains, and bibs.  My husband is a great guy, so smart and caring with a bizarre sense of humor.  This is a disability, not who he is.
Keep up the good work.  We'll be reading you!


I was glad to see your letter on the subject, but concerned that you did not raise the issue of coordination of medication. Way too many people, elderly and/or those with disabilities, are given medications that are not coordinated by a primary care physician or a specific pharmacist to ensure there is not a compromise in the safe and effective utilization of the drugs. This is as serious a threat as any of the issues you pointed out, and can easily lead to an increased mental debilitation in and of itself. Please remind caregivers and those they care for to learn about their medications, find good primary care physicians who want to know all meds prescribed, as well as OTC’s and eating habits. Also, the use of a reviewing pharmacist is a great resource to review the medications’ regimen at least annually for recommendations and advocacy!


Just read your comments on medication safety and they really ring true.  Thank you for your message to caregivers on this. 

Kind regards,


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