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Lunch and Learn Editorial Responses
These are just some of the many responses we received from our Editorial of 07/17/09 - Lunch and Learn

Thanks for our "input".  I had graduated from high school in June of 1969 and the entire family was sitting on my parent's bed watching was truly amazing.
NSAD Cua Viet    (3 mile from the DMZ)   South VietNam
C. M.

I   am a lucky one that you gave me a little time to respond. Yup!  I was still in my mother's womb on July 20, 1969.  Luckily! I was born on October 04, 1969, by that time the Apollo had already landed.
N.G. (from the Phillipines)

I was living on Shaw street in Pasadena, TX. on my own in a garage apartment when I saw it on TV.
John T.

I was being born.  I will be 40.
It was great meeting you in Nashville.  I thoroughly enjoyed the conference.  My mother lost her battle with Alzheimer's on July 2 at the age of 60.  Even though I no longer am a caregiver, I love your magazine and newsletter.
Keep up the good work.
Cosmelitia (Peaches)

I was in Panama City, Florida w/my college roommate enjoying the beach and planning my wedding.  We are both now 60 years old and can't believe how fast life has flown. She cared for her parents until their death and I am now (along w/my siblings) caring for my mother who is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease.  Life is good.

I was a sophomore in college when the Apollo moon landing occurred. I was watching it with my girlfriend and her family (I was college, she was townie) in their living room. Her father, a crusty old man, was convinced that it was all staged and not real! My friend and I were so excited about it because it was such a hopeful an event! We thought we could probably do anything, now that we had gotten to the moon: we could change the world, be the implementers of our own "Brave New World" and make a difference. She and I remain close friends. She teaches music at the elementary school level. I am a Medical Social Worker. We both have our own caregiving careers, also. Sometimes I think about all the people we have both touched through our careers and about the hope and caring we have given to them. I wonder where they are, what they are doing, if they caught the infectious hope that we had in 1969 and what they have done with it.
Thanks for letting me remember this event in my life!
Jane Henderson, L.C.S.W.

I send your newsletter on to my sister in Wyoming who cares for my 92-year-old mother with Alzheimer's — my sister appreciates it!
On July 20, 1969, I turned 12 (NASA was also "born" in '57 and turned 12 that year), and we had a moon birthday slumber party.  I remember fondly a giggling bunch of 12 year olds gathered around our black and white t.v. to pause long enough to watch the landing.  We were in Wyoming, so we'd never heard of a moon pie (definitely a Southern treat originally)...maybe I'll pick some up for my 52nd birthday on Monday!



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