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Jewels from Joanne Editorial Responses
These are just some of the many responses we received from our Editorial of 11/19/08 - Jewels from Joanne

I wanted to tell you that I read your article from the reader who was telling about how she "popped in" at the nursing home at all different times of the day and so forth, to check on her husband.

In reality, not everyone can do that, as much as they would want to. My mother has Alzheimer's disease and has recently been placed in an assisted living center where she has caregivers to keep an eye on her and it bothers me a lot that I can't "pop in" frequently to check on her, but the place is 45 minutes away from my home and I can't afford the gas to drive there as often as I would like.  My father lives about 20 minutes away, and two brothers and a sister live about 15 minutes away. None of us can be there as often as we would like, but, luckily we feel that the caregivers treat the residents well and we don't feel the need to worry about Mom being abusedI agree that people need to spend as much time as they possibly can, visiting relatives who are placed in nursing homes, to see to it that they are being treated well, but, unfortunately, sometimes it just isn't possible


My grandmother was in a care home for 10 months. We were her advocates, like Joanne said. Most of the aides were kind hearted but way over worked.The biggest problem with care homes is being under staffed - you must be there to oversee your loved one especially if your loved one has dementia like my grandma.

My grandmother is no longer with me as she passed away. I do fault the care home that she was in as I truly feel they did not monitor liquids as efficiently as they should. My grandmother ended up in the emergency room severely dehydrated.There needs to be many changes in care homes - one voice can make a difference. I urge anyone who is interested in change to stand up, speak up. Who is better equipped than us care takers who continue to care for our loved ones even in the care homes..

I will continue to forge on in this endeavor.

Thank you for listening



A word of appreciation for this article I will pass it on to all my caregivers.  We are a new Adult Day Care program and the next move for most of our caregivers is to place their family members.  I know this article will give honest perspective to a difficult time in a caregiver's journey.

Thanks again for the thought filled article.

Ginger McClure
Site Supervisor,
Day Break III
Adult Day Care
Caregivers Support Services
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County



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