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Henry and Grace Editorial Responses
These are just some of the many responses we received from our Editorial of 02/21/07 - Henry and Grace

Again I write to thank you for a delightful article.  I have worked with Hospice of the Rapidan for over 11 years now and what thrilled to see your article about hospice this month. 

The main things that keep people from inviting hospice into their homes are: 

  1. Lack of education - the general public thinks that hospice is only for people who are bedbound and actively dying.

  2. Fear of what it means when hospice is recommended (they are going to die)

  3. Lack of support and education by the physician.   

Education is a constant battle.  People don't listen to information about hospice services until they have needed it for a long time.

Hopefully your article has encouraged some people to at least call their local hospice to find out how we can help them.

Thanks again!

Betsy Tuttle RN
Hospice of the Rapidan

Hello Gary –

I am touched that you wrote to well about your parents’ friends – you too will grieve their loss, and have been grieving the progressive illness too. We read your column here in Wellington, NZ where we provide support, advocacy and education to families in which one has a major mental illness.

I have a lovely woman in my one Support Groups, whose husband is depressed and withdrawn and two children have major mental illnesses – she supports them all as well as grandchildren, and now has Parkinson’s – this is a sad situation, but she finds compassion and her wry humor is always evident.

Thanks for your efforts


 I just wanted to express my gratitude to the Vitas organization in Houston.  They were the Hospice responsible for my husband during his last days.  They were kind, helpful and continued to care for me after his death. 

I also experienced another group for my mother.  She had constant care in her room for two days.  The lady who stayed during the day cleaned her fingernails after I mentioned that I couldn't get them clean.  My mother died with loving professionals who were there to meet the needs she encountered during her last hours.

In both cases, I was blessed with care for my loved ones that I could not give.


Judi Walker



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