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The Letterbox Overfloweth Editorial Responses - Page 2
These are just some of the many responses we received from our Editorial of 06/20/13 - The Letterbox Overfloweth

It’s good advice to call police, but people should know that calling an Area Agency on Aging can be very effective. Depending on the severity of allegations, a protective service worker will come out, either immediately or within three days, to investigate. Most important is that ANYone can call, including the person who believes she/he is in danger, and submit the info anonymously if they wish to. Referrals come from all sorts of sources: mail carriers, medical personnel, relatives, friends, delivery people, etc. Unfortunately, many financial abusers turn out to be family members, who choose to “reward” themselves for taking minimal care of the victim, or are convinced that the victim doesn’t “need” the money, like they do, and put themselves in a position of trust or threaten harm or withdrawal of care to get their way. There IS help out there, though, for those over 60, who are exploited.


A TENS unit is used for pain control and works very well. Electrodes are placed near the area of pain. The control unit can adjust the level of electrical charge that goes to the painful area. My husband has chronic back pain and uses a TENS a couple of times a week. His doctor told him, "Those things don't work," but his doctor is not in chronic pain and has no idea if it works or not. Sometimes the medical community makes statements that are untrue.

I am enjoying reading the email messages from Some days are really rough and these messages are very helpful.  They make me realize there are people in much worse situations than I am.

Thank you.


My mother was issued a TENs unit in 2002 to help with the pain of shingles. In her case, it was issued by the physical therapy department of the local hospital. I was in another town and her caregivers kept calling me because the battery had run down!

It has some sort of electrodes that shot into her elbow (site of the shingles pain) and was supposed to help. I think it did when the caregivers remembered to charge the battery.

J. W.


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