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I'm eighteen and I like it
yes I like it, oh I like it, love it, like it, love it
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, and I like it

I'm Eighteen Lyrics - Alice Cooper

What do you give an 18-year-old for a birthday present?  I think the answer is difficult enough when talking about a young man or woman Ė but a Web site that has spanned almost the entire life of the Internet to date? is one of the first 100,000 Web sites registered since the beginning of Internet time.  Over the years, many interviews have occurred, articles have run, advice has been shared and caregivers have learned that they are not so very alone after all.  My favorite aspect to the Web site is that it allows me to be a kind of Caregiving Johnny Appleseed.

When I hear a solution to a specific caregiving challenge at a Fearless Caregiver Conference, I am excited to be able to share it in these pages of the newsletter and on  And soon, I am hearing from caregivers in states quite far away from where the conference was held that the solution was just what they were seeking. One of my favorite examples happened in New Haven not so many years ago. And I am extremely proud that has amassed the largest listings to be found online of support groups across the nation.

Since our very first Sharing Wisdom/Caretips over 12 years ago, the tips and solutions that have been posted by family caregivers have helped their fellow caregivers seeking solutions.  Millions and millions of page views, tens of thousands of articles, and nearly one thousand newsletters later, our 18-year-old is just getting started. 

So, for this 18th birthday, the gifts are for you. We are proud to announce the launch of the annual Fearless Caregiver Story Contest.  We have learned over these many years that so much of successful caregiving is about sharing stories and successes with one another.  The story contest now allows you to win prizes and money by simply telling about your story of Fearless Caregiving.Of course, now that the 18th birthday is here, Iím sure Iíll be asked for a raise in allowance.  And letís not talk about the car keys.  Although, to be fair, that is a big subject of many articles on

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