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The Calculated Ambush

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One caregiver in the back of the room said that although she is a fan of the Board of Directors concept, we should also consider another element to the caregiver communication challenges and that is what she called the Calculated Ambush approach. You might call this approach Never Let a Good Opening Go to Waste.  For example, this caregiver could never get her parents to talk about their end of life issues, but her opening came when her dad started the conversation in the car on the way home after a beloved uncle’s funeral.  She was ready to discuss the issue with her parents because she had prepared for this and seized the moment when the window of opportunity was opened even a little bit. 

I always say that there are two sets of three little words with which every caregiver must be familiar: “I love you” and “Who’s your supervisor” (not used on the same people, of course).  After spending the day in a room with so many motivated Nashville Fearless Caregivers, another set of three little words came to mind with which all caregivers must also become familiar: Preparation, Communication and Organization.


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