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His actions regarding her stock brokerage accounts set bells ringing at her brokerage firm and their security department was alerted. But without her consistent consent, nothing was able to be done to safeguard her investments. At the same time, he had managed to place himself in total control of her medication schedule and she was becoming dangerously ill. It was clear to everyone who was concerned about her welfare that something needed to be done immediately. With the swift work of the elder abuse unit at the local police department, some fearless and dedicated lifelong friends, and even a few attorneys who stood up for her rights, the court stepped in and froze him out of her financial accounts (only hours before he walked into the main branch of her bank looking to strip her account bare).

Certainly not every financial abuse case is as dramatic as this one was, but it did seem as if we were living in an episode of Law and Order: Senior Financial Abuse Unit (ba-bum…ba-ba-ba-ba-bum).

I guess the lesson for this coming Saturday’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is that elder abuse does not just refer to physical abuse, but financial abuse as well. If you think you see something amiss with an elder friend or neighbor, please contact your local police department’s Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse officers or your community’s Adult Protective Services Agency. It might be nothing, but then again…ba-bum!

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Gary Barg

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