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Ask Gary
Planes, Trains or Automobiles

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My thoughts:

  • Contact your local Alzheimerís Association to get their advice on the mode of transportation that might be best for your mom. If you do have to fly commercial, make arrangements days in advance with the airlines and airport security at each airport you will be flying through. Make your flight as direct as possible. Carry a letter from the doctors about her condition. Bringing your guardianship papers would be a good idea. Fly earlier in the day rather than later. See if her doctor will prescribe something for the stress that the flight may cause. Consider employing the services of a commercial medical escort for the trip. Another (yet more costly) option is to consider a private air ambulance service. If you are flexible about dates/times to fly, it should affect the cost of the service.

  • Regarding the move in general, you might want to see if you can get anyone she respects (doctors?) to stand by you about the decision to move to your town (a few states away from where your mom is now).

  • Do make that appointment with a geriatric psychiatrist, and soon.
    Get the new facility involved early; Iím sure they have gone through this many times.

  • Remember, no matter what a tough front she puts up, she is afraid of a move or any change to her present situation. This is true for anyone, MOST especially those with cognitive disorders.

  • Most important of all, stay strong. She is blessed to have a son like you who is standing by her, no matter how difficult the situation may become. You know what you are doing is the best for her Ėeven if she canít /wonít see it.


Putting in my own two cents for Richard

Gary Barg

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