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Ask Gary


Hi Gary,

I so appreciate the work you do.  My husband has just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  When I read that your father suffered from the same disease, I thought you might have some words of counsel and advice for us.  Iíd appreciate anything you have to share.

Many thanks,


Dear L.M.,

Iím so sorry to hear about your husband. I would say that the success rate for multiple myeloma these days is so very much better than when my dad had it. Bone marrow surgery is also much better.

You might want to contact The Multiple Myeloma Foundation  or the International Myeloma Foundation. These organizations probably can tell you who is doing the best work in the field.

You need to reach out to others, do research, donít take an easy no for an answer from anyone, keep your energy up, and donít forget the power of humor.

Please keep in touch.


Dear Gary,

I so deeply appreciate your response.  Thank you for making me aware of these sites.  Your comment, too, about humor is so appropriate.  It is what is keeping my husband going.

Thank you, too, for the invitation to stay in touch.  Iíll take you up on that.



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Gary Barg


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