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FROM THE EDITOR'S PEN  / Preventing Senior Accidental Overdoses

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Preventing Senior Accidental Overdoses

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Scoop all of the prescription bottles into a paper bag and carry them to their pharmacist to ensure that all medications work well together. If you take all prescriptions to one pharmacist, they can more easily cross-reference drugs to look for any potential adverse side effects. Actually, it is best to use the same pharmacy for all prescriptions. One of the most important partnerships we can have with a care professional is often overlooked – the pharmacist.

Many of our loved ones are receiving medications from multiple doctors. Make a list of all the prescriptions and any over-the-counter medications they are taking and send it to your loved one’s primary care physician for review.

When discussing these concerns with your loved ones, remember that your most effective weapons against an accidental overdose are respect and understanding. Successful medication management works best when you are working as a team.

Gary Barg

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