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A Cambridge Education

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The Q&A session at the recent Cambridge, Ohio, Fearless Caregiver Conference started with a question from the audience that promised to be the only one addressed that day.  The caregiver spoke of her husband who had a stroke a few years ago and was living in a long-term care facility.

He had recently stopped taking his medicine and, in fact, had also stopped eating anything in which medicine could be hidden, including applesauce, ice cream and potatoes. He is non-responsive as to why he had decided to stop his medications, but his medication non-compliance is starting to affect his health.  She was rightfully concerned and wondered if our panel had any suggestions.

She couldnít have come to a better place. The panel consisted of an eldercare attorney, a geriatrician, a financial expert, an expert for the Area Agency on Aging and the administrator of the county senior center. Oh yes, and a room filled with concerned and experienced family caregivers.

The suggestions were flying: the lady should enlist the help of her husbandís best friend in case he didnít want to share his thoughts on his decision with his wife, contact a geriatric psychologist, have close family members share with him how much he is loved, and even find more effective ways to sneak the medicine into his foods.


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