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It is also a real pleasure to be able to share the personal stories from 109 caregivers with famous faces in our cover interviews. Their stories prove that love of family is really the great equalizer and something shared by all caregivers, whether they are a world renowned actor with a mansion in the Hollywood hills or a corner grocer in Peoria, Illinois.

We have learned about the true nature of the word “hero.” We have learned that in every community, and even online, there are people anxious to help if only we as caregivers would reach out to find them. We have learned that there is poetry in all of us and the poems that we have received from family caregivers over the years are priceless. And most of all,we have learned that you can tell the real character of a person by what they do after they receive that phone call in the middle of the night telling them that a loved one is in need of their help.

I have been blessed to be able to spend time with the true healthcare heroes in the world—family caregivers. I look forward to doing the same for at least the next 567,216,000 seconds.

Have a safe, wonderful and happy Fourth of July holiday


Gary Barg

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