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18 Fearless Years  


Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefWhen I Was Seventeen,
It Was a Very Good Year

Frank Sinatra’s - It Was a Very Good Year
Songwriter: Ervin Drake


Seventeen years ago, I spent the Fourth of July holiday driving from the northern Keys to the northern Palm Beaches to deliver the first edition of Today’s Caregiver magazine to hospital and doctor’s office waiting rooms.  In those days, it was somewhat easier to walk around these healthcare facilities unannounced than it would be today, so I was able to spend a lot of time interacting with the caregivers who were in the waiting rooms. These moments only solidified what I had learned as a family caregiver before, and since starting the magazine. To really learn all you can as a family caregiver, you need to talk with as many of the true healthcare professionals as you can – your fellow caregivers.

This was never better illustrated than the time I sat in the lobby of a Fort Lauderdale hospital, resting a bit after placing the magazines on the coffee table in front of me. Two elderly ladies sat down beside me and one picked up the publication. In that first issue, there was an article by a family and professional caregiver filled with tips about foot care for people living with diabetes. The lady who picked up the magazine started to read that article out loud to (whom I later learned to be) her sister. “See, Margie, I’ve been telling you – you need to wear white socks.” I was excited to witness the magazine being utilized as a support tool by a family caregiver for the very first time. We have been blessed to have shared the words of leading care experts, medical professionals, government leaders and 101 celebrities, who are also family caregivers, within the pages of the magazine and on caregiver.com over the past 17 years. But the life blood of all we do started with that very short conversation between sisters so many years ago, and continues with the wisdom we see in emails we receive from family caregivers in response to other caregivers’ concerns, and at the 117 Fearless Caregiver Conferences that have been held since 1998.

Listen to the medical and care professionals; they will most always have your and your loved one’s best interest in mind. But to be the best and most Fearless Caregiver you can be for yourself, your family members and your loved one in need, never pass up an opportunity to share your story, tips and wisdom with your fellow caregivers. We are extremely grateful for everyone who has joined us at the events, written in the pages of Today’s Caregiver magazine and to every subscriber to the caregiver.com newsletters. White socks, indeed.

“I’m eighteen…and I like it.”
 Thank you, Mr. Alice Cooper; so do we.


  Gary Barg
Today's Caregiver magazine

Wednesday July 4, 2012


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