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Focus on Video Magnifiers
By Kristine Dwyer, LSW, Staff Writer

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Many benefits can be achieved with a desktop video magnifier. These include independent living, management of personal affairs, increased knowledge and safety, and the ability to continue in one’s job and career. Some people are even able to have a machine at home and at their office to maximize their visual success in both settings. Those who benefit the most seem to be caregivers with low vision and single individuals that have to totally rely on themselves for safe and independent living.

Vision specialists do caution potential buyers that the video magnifier may not work for everyone due to variances in visual acuity or multiple disabilities. It is strongly recommended that an individual tests a machine or takes advantage of a short trial at home before making a purchase. As a general guide, if someone can read the largest headline in the newspaper, then a video magnifier is likely to be of use to them.

Low vision no longer has to keep people from enjoying the activities they once took for granted. It can clearly be seen that caregivers and others with limited vision can receive daily benefits when their world is magnified!

Advances in vision technology have produced the potential for significant life changes with the use of video magnifiers. Experience life again through “new eyes!”

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