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Technology Long Distance
By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

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A wide range of technologies is being discussed and developed, including:

  • Technology-based work (telecommuting)
  • Home/service settings - making system user friendly
  • Health care information and decision making
  • Life-long learning and creativity
  • Enhancing communication and reducing isolation

The effectiveness of technology in assisting with home- and community-based care. Another initiative of the Miami-based program is REACH, which is evaluating the effectiveness of family-based, in-home therapy through the computerized telephone system, CTIS (computer telephone integration system). The CTIS system facilitates communication among family members (especially distant family members) and other caregivers, enhances communication between the therapist and caregiver, and provides access to formal support programs when needed.
Around the world, senior-aged loved ones are benefitting from technology research. In Japan, a corporation has developed a toilet which analyzes blood sugar levels, weight, and even features a blood pressure cuff.Whether in the United States or across the Pacific, long-distance caregivers face the same challenges. Technology is only improving and as it does, it eases the burden for these families, while encouraging communication and good health practices.

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