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Wrestling with Care
By David Gillaspie

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With an old wrestlerís sense of body leverage and balance, I helped Grandpa Ken out of bed.  He took a few steps.  The next day, he took a few more, until he was taking laps around the center staircase, moving from hardwood floors, to carpet, to brick.  He wasnít wearing his Nikes, but he should have been.  Itís never a fair fight, but as long as you move with it, you get a shot in now and then. 


David Gillaspie is a writer living in Tigard, Oregon.  He cares for his father in law with Parkinsonís.  Davidís  family, wife and two sons, combined households with his mother in law when the stress of caring for her husband, began to wear on her.  Grandpa Ken moved back home when his health took a sharp turn for the worse.


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