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Little Miracles
By Dianne M. Ullrich

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Life is a gift that is thrust upon us whether we want it or not (like the unwanted tie or blouse we get as a Christmas gift). Faith is a gift that is freely given – is freely offered. We decide whether to accept or reject it. I came to realize that death and suffering are a part of life and, if understood, are not devastating for the dying or those whose lives they touch. It has really been hard to explain this to people who think I should be devastated by the experience and cannot comprehend how I can say I treasure those 18 months. Maybe I’ll never be able to explain it – maybe it is something you have to experience. It is an encounter with the mystery of God – a God who never promised life without suffering or joy without sorrow, but He is a God who provides comfort for our tears and lights our way with His “little miracles.”


Dianne Ullrich was a caregiver for her mother. She spent 15 years in the corporate sector and has volunteered as a religious educator for over 25 years teaching students ages pre-school to adult. She writes much of the material she uses in her classes and created a religious pre-school program for children with special needs.


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